2012 Digital Audio Production graduate from Pixel Blue Collage. Joey Roach has been recording and playing in bands for well over 10 years. Producing, mixing, recording, mastering, and editing all fall under Joeys skill set, and he has had the luxury of doing so in places such as Los Angeles, New Mexico, Calgary, and now Edmonton. Be it Rock, Pop, Metal, Punk, and even Folk, Joey has experience working on a wide range in styles. His understanding of the importance of both the musical and technical aspects of the music industry makes joey a great choice for your audio production needs.

Currently Joey records out of Two Bodies of Water Productions in Edmonton, while doing post work out of his project studio Cold weather Studios. This allows Joey to help both maintain high standards of quality when it comes to his recording needs while also keeping budgets down as low as possible. However Joey is not limited by these locations and if you wish to go elsewhere please contact Joey to discuss your options to this possibility.